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Horizonites continue to shine at Edexcel IGCSE, IAS and IAL examinations

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Students of HCI once again achieved outstanding academic results at the Edexcel IGCSE, IAS and IAL exams held in May/June 2016.

At IGCSE level, this year as with previous years, our students were able to successfully secure a 100% pass rate.  In addition to this the overall performance of the students showed a remarkable improvement with students gaining a total of 45 A*’s, 55 A’s, 48 B’s and 35 C’s. Anjili Gunasekera was the highest performing student with 5A*’s, 3A’s and 1B while Samindi Fernando also obtained 3A*’s and 5A’s. Pasindu Fernando and Neshka Siriwardena were also high performing students with 4A*’s, 3A’s 1B and 4A*’s and 3A’s respectively.

At IAS and IAL too students of HCI were able to obtain outstanding results. At AS level Srishti Vyas and Punsara Tennakoon were successful in obtaining 2A’s and 1B while at Advanced Level Malshi Wijethunga obtained an outstanding 3A’s and 1A* while Supuni Bandara and Tharushi Rathnayake both obtained 3A’s each.

At the Lower Secondary Exams our students secured a 100% pass rate in both Maths and Science with Angel Vithanage emerging as the top achiever in this category with an outstanding performance of S4s for all three subjects Maths, Science and English.

We congratulate all the talented students of HCI who brought great honour to their alma mater through their excellent academic achievements. A special bouquet of appreciation goes out to the staff of the Senior Section for all their commitment and hard work put into ensuring the excellent levels of achievement this year.